The Rangers

The Rangers of Arden are a highly skilled group of soldiers, well trained in matters of woodcraft and skirmishing, but also well suited to their role as police. While they move in small units for war, the day to day reality is that peace is usually kept by individual rangers who travel the forest from town to town, resolving problems, settling disputes and keeping a sharp eye out. As a result, Rangers need to be tough, smart and resourceful, or they don't last long.

While the rangers have a command hierarchy which is reasonably transparent, they rarely speak of the Ranger Captains, who may have other formal duties, but for all practical purposes, serve the Warden directly. The ranger captains are those rangers with the knowledge or skill to travel into deep arden to find what can be found and return safely with their reports. The ranger captains generally need to be even tougher and smarter than their counterparts, as the deep woods are a dangerous place. They also need to be trustworthy enough to speak for the Warden should the need arise. It is said that more than one Dragon Treaty has been pledged by a Ranger Captain who went far from his path. While it is not public knowledge in Amber, Ranger Captains are trained in a wide variety of weapons, including firearms, since they are much more reliable in Deep Arden, and a gun is a mighty thing with which to kill a god.

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