Rae Shadowdancer

Weir Trickster, Warpack Leader


Rae has been a familiar face in Arden for most of her life—which is a relatively short time, given that she's not yet hit her third decade. She spent much time in Tobenheim, serving as an occasional message runner between Weirmonken and the Weir that took up residence in the lodge. More recently, she has been a frequent presence at the Weir warcamp within the forests of Arden, leading those Weir that have come to help in the Black Road War. Experienced Rangers whisper of the young Weir's tricks, but also her ability to bring out the laughter in dark times.

Rae was made a Ranger Captain by Julian. It filled her with snide amusement, some Rangers with fear, and more than a few with questions. She stepped away from the position, however, when Weirmonken was freed by Amber.

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