Karm's Treaty

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Title: Karm Dragon Treaty

Lucius at Wed Mar 2 17:34:49 2011

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The traditions and laws of Arden have been laid down over millenia. Among them is the right of the Warden of Arden and his chosen representatives among the Ranger officers to create Dragon Treaties. These treaties are agreements between the Warden and others for the defense and welfare of the forest Arden. It is with that authority that the following Dragon Treaty has been created.

Let it hereby be known that House Karm has entered into this Treaty of Dragons with the Forest Arden. The terms and conditions listed herein shall be respected within the boundaries of Forest Arden by all who obey the authority of the Warden of Arden.

I. House Karm agrees to build and maintain watchtowers, numbering no fewer than six, along the path of the Black Road in Arden, from the edge of shadow to the area known as Eastgate. These Watchtowers shall be constructed using those magics for which Karm is known and shall be maintained by House Karm for the use of the Rangers of Arden.

II. House Karm shall enter into service with the Rangers of Arden no fewer than One member of its House and Blood at all times this treaty is in effect. This member may be rotated after a period of no less than a year, at the discression of the Lord or Lady Karm or his/her designated representative.

III. Those lands and holdings of which the House of Karm currently claim as demesne in the area known as Near Arden are to be considered double their current holding so long as this Treaty be in effect. All hunting rights are granted unto the members of House Karm and their Guests upon this Reserve so long as the land is tended in accordance with the guidance of the Rangers of Arden.

IV. To the House of Karm is granted the right of use of the Mines of V'ralia. All rights to the minerals, profits and use of the mines here mentioned are granted unto Karm as long as this Treaty is in Effect.

V. This Treaty of Dragons MAY be reviewed every generation (here defined as a term of 20 years as time is measured in Amber City) at the request of either the Warden of Arden or the Duke/Duchess Karm. Upon mutual agreement between the named parties this treaty may be ended no sooner than twenty years from its beginning. This review may come at the behest of the chosen, empowered representative of the House of Karm if the Duke/Duchess is not otherwise available.

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