From AL-Arden/0
The ancient eternal forest that marks the bounds of Amber.

  • Do not walk into Arden at night. Ever. Even the rangers hide at night from the things that haunt the trees. If you _do_ find yourself in the woods at night, pray you can find a rowan to sleep beneath, for nothing else is safe.
  • If you come to a fork in the road in Arden, kick a little dirt in the direction you don't go, to confuse evil spirits.
  • The rangers are ok enough, but the people who live in the forest come in three kinds - shifty, insane or monsters in human guise. Steer clear.
  • Build fire only from gathered wood. Cutting trees without a blessing means the trees will come to you for equal compensation. Happened to a guy I knew once. Left nothing behind but his boots, with his feet still in em.
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